Great Artists Doing Good Things for Charity Making money is important, but giving money to a worthy cause is really special.

We are place to announce that we are the first official group in the whole of Lancashire and Wigan today as there are no other Association for North African Within this region.

Celebration of Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee Libyan Celebrations 20 Oct 2011
Libyan Celebrations 20 Oct 2011 Supplementary Libyan school
British Libyan Solidarity Campaign For Freedom And Human Rights ( BLSC ) Conference Room
IT Room  
Libyan Future represented by four followings Libyan Families in Manchester UK celebrating Eid-al-Fitr Thursday, August 8, 2013: Shalluf’s Family from Zentan Adel El Mashayi from El Mashashyia Musa Al Mashayi from El Mashashyia Katab EL Mayi from Gountrar
Chairman – Mr Mohamed Shalluf

Present Member Childers Mashallah


Libyan Celebrations 20 Oct 2011

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