Great Artists Doing Good Things for Charity Making money is important, but giving money to a worthy cause is really special.

Here you will find everyone who has donated to our association

Geith Abdussalam: one of the managers from Harouge Oil Operations in Libya has kindly donated £100 Thank you so much.

North West Libyan Community donators via Libyan School in AbrahamMossHigh Schoolsupporting Libyan refuges during war in Libya after 17 of February revaluation.


Donation Market



We are always welcome and many ALLAH bless anyone who does indeed donate to our community


Donations are accepted via cheque cash and wired transfers.

We also accept any kind of education material, books, cd `s dvd`s video`s computer software and toys from companies.

If you think you can help in any other way then please use the contact form In return for you kindness we will list you or your company on our web site to show you our appreciation

Jazakum allah khair, thank you.

Bank Details:

Sort Code: 40-46-32
Account Number: 71759310


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